Exhumed from storage

Here it is in the cold light of day, sitting on it's shitty wheels and covered in workshop dust

There are some useful modifications including power steering and removal of the crap remote servo, fortunately I'm not an originality freak but it is a shame there's no PI steering wheel with it, I'll have to find a suitable alternative

There are one or two minor bits missing, like an air filter box, choke cable and some odd fittings that have been lost over the years but overall these are very minor. The car's super clean with new Stag suspension all round, all power coated and polybushed. Brand new Stag brakes and a lovely fresh engine. I'm still figuring out the spec but it seems to be mostly Witor parts including a Witor cam, new rods, +60 pistons, Witor Super Sports exhaust and a stainless Witor manifold.

What strikes me about the car is how very ordinary it looks at the moment, just what a difference a set of wheels makes!


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