Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Isle of Wight Triumph Weekend anyone?

Every year I take a gentle drive down to the Isle of Wight and camp with a load of fellow Triumph enthusiasts from on and off the island. The weekend is something of a fixture in my family calender, both my girls look after me all weekend whilst I enjoy the ale and our little crew of friends forms the usually invincible Quiz Team - OK so I had enjoyed the ale a little too much to know the answer to the tie breaker a few years ago and have never lived it down - who cares how many bottles of champagne are in a Methuselah anyway?

It all happens on the first May Bank Holiday weekend, 2nd to 5th May and costs are modest, £34 for me and my two kids to camp plus a ferry - Tesco Clubcard points are buying mine this year, it's usually around the £50 to £60 mark

There's lots on that weekend, if you prefer a bit more of an active driving weekend, try the Club Triumph Historic Counties Challenge, the HCR. This starts and finished at Canley Classics premises in Fillongley near Nuneaton.

I like the Isle of Wight because it's a good family friendly weekend, you can camp, stay in one of the static caravans or even in a chalet. There's a good atmosphere, with events, excursions, convoys, a quiz, a treasure hunt, a disco, etc all organised for you. You can even get to see me work for a change as one half of the Two Jasons world infamous drunk BBQ chefs attempt to feed 150 Triumph enthusiasts without killing anyone including ourselves. It's been touch and go some years, especially during the lighting ceremony but since we turned unleaded we haven't even maimed anyone.

I like it because it's so casual, if you want to be organised all weekend you can, if you want to drop out and kick back by your tent or in a local pub then that's fine too. There's so much to do on the island that you can't be bored. We've always had reasonable weather for at least a couple of the days. Granted it has in past years been either frosty, wet or bloody cold but it can also be hot, bright and sun burn weather - I have caught a tan there before. One thing's for sure, it's never made any difference to how much we've enjoyed the weekend.

For more details and a booking form got to The Isle of Wight Triumph Site
For more info than you ever wanted to know about Champagne bottle sizes go here

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