Friday, April 18, 2008

Tax doesn't have to be taxing!

When I got the PI it had been off the road since about 1977/78. The previous owner had applied for and got a V5 but the taxation class said "NOT LICENSED" although the date of first registration is stated as "27 06 1969 (DECL/D MANUF 1969)".
I had taken a chance and driven it home but knew that I needed to get some sort of tax disc in the car despite the fact that it's free.
Anyway, I'd written to the DVLA but thought I'd have a got in the Post Office as I'd like to get some miles on the car in the coming weeks to shake it down. Unsurprisingly the Post Office weren't much help and the miserable old fossil behind the counter just said "You can't do that here, take it to the DVLA" well it turned out that there's a Local DVLA office just round the corner from me in Theale.
What a great place! Clean and tidy and free from old gits behind the counter, nice modern ticket queue system and chairs to sit in. Nice bubbly young totty behind the counter who filled in some forms and gave me my free tax disc and said she'd get me a new V5C from Swansea.

I also had a good trip up to Liverpool via eBay purchase in Stoke. The sill trims are fine, worth £23 and Chris, the seller was good company to chat too, ready with the tea too :-)

He is a 2000 Mk1 fan of old but following a motor accident he lost his arm and can't drive his Mk1 so he was rationalising his spares and will be selling off his Mk1 2000. I didn't see the car but he asked me to put the word out if anyone is interested. It's in Stoke and I can give you Chris's email address if you're interested. He told me it's a 1966 2000 Mk1 in white with black interior and a sunroof. It was on the road 12 months ago but failed the MOT due to rust in the front rigger (a common rot spot) the car comes with the parts to repair but as Chris can't do it himself and can't drive the car after he wants to sell it. He's looking for £600.

I've no financial interest in the car or the seller and you know what I know but if anyone wants more info just drop me a line with your email address and I'll give you his contact details.

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