Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've really gone and done it now.....

The Vitesse is definitely up for sale - Mrs C has explained it to me, no work can commence on the PI until the Vitesse is gone and as her car is out on the drive and both mine are in the garage it's getting rather political - If I take one out I'm sure she'll steal the garage for her Saab!

Pisonheads seemed like a good place to start, I'll do Club Triumph next although most will know it's for sale anyway - Pistonheads was easy Triumph : Vitesse Convertible - 2.6 injection and I had a call on it within a hour of it being uploaded!

I've got some fettling to do to get an MOT, nothing major - the new steering coupling seems loose but it was a bitch to fit so I'll have another swearing session at that, I think it just needs pinching up but it's one of those cast ones and they seem to be rather substantial!
Tunnel cover needs to come off to fix the overdrive inhibitor switch properly, last done in a German car park at 3am - it won't allow overdrive in third, only in top - needs a tweak.
The clutch fluid dropped over the 10CR so I'm going to replace the master cylinder with a spare.
The brakes need adjusting and she needs an oil and filter change and a general service.
Other than that she's ready to go.

I've decided that I won't be greedy and I'll pass on my good fortune in buying the PI so the price is £3500. The fancy leather Sparco rally seats and the hardtop I will sell separately after the car is sold in case the new owner wants them. The seats were terribly expensive but they are great, I even considered them in the PI but dismissed it as a silly idea.

In the meantime, I'm having a clear out on eBay some interesting stuff in with the usual crap, if you need anything for your Vitesse just shout :-)

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