Another day in the city

Sigh, ah well at least it's done now! Looking on the bright side at least my wife posted out all the eBay parcels and books that needed doing, of course there's more now I've opened today's post and seen the emails. The "goods out" pile is more manageable now at least.
I was disappointed that my new spring only made £25 but at least it's going to see the road at last after all these years!
Tomorrow I have some local appointments and will be home by about 5:00pm as there are a couple of people coming to collect stuff. I have to admit that I've lost track of who's collecting what when so if you turn up make sure you get what you came for!!
Likewise Saturday, I'm off to the Club Triumph annual dinner and won't be available from about 4:30 ish.
As for Sunday, well I'll be home in the morning but out from about 11am AND the Reading Half Marathon is on, so Reading will be pretty paralysed traffic wise!!


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