Saturday, March 19, 2005

Where did the time go?

Well that week was rather hectic, I've been down in Worthing all week working - interesting times. I managed to come home in the middle of the week for dinner and a sleep in my own bed with my own wife ;-).
Worthing's a weird place to get to from Reading but I found some great roads between Guildford and Worthing - the first time I've really caned the Toyota and got it to slide a bit. That is no mean feat as although it's capable it is a diesel and rather gutless unless thrashed to within an inch of it's life - still it's a compnay car and deserves to be excercised a little.
Thankfully the buyer of my body shell was able to come up and get it so it was gone by the time I got home - he'd had some transport problems and I'd given him up as a non-paying bidder but he came through in the end. I was happy to see it go and it didn't cost me to get rid so that was a bonus. The front end should go tomorrow and I'll be back in favour with the family as we won't have to look out over rusty car parts anymore.

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