Wolfrace recliner seats found!

eBay item 7961574280 (Ends 23-Mar-05 21:39:13 GMT) - Wolfrace recliner seats

Not sure if these would fit in a Herald but having sat in them on my patio (best investment for all weather eBay photgraphy!) they are comfortable. My wife tells me that her Godfather gave them to us when he was clearing out his house - so Lord knows where they came from prior to that! It kind of explains why they are in such good condition - he isn't known for his driving in fact I can't remember him having a car for much of the past few years, he always seems to borrow one when coming out of London to see us. Anyway, I didn't really know where to list them so I just put them with the other seats on eBay - seems something of a backwater though so they might not attract any interest. Shame really as they are far superior in quality and features that the modern aftermarket recliners I put in my Herald - there's loads more adjustment in the rake and the tilt mechanism is independant so you don't lose your rake setting every time you fold them to let someone in the back of the car! I've no use for them now and they are big things to keep on the off chance so out they must go!


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