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Purley Tyre Care Specialists
The wife has been complaining about tyre squeal in her Sixfire so I took the opportunity to run over the road to a new tyre place that's opened up. They have spent some serious money on the kit in there, a super 4 wheel laser alignment thingy with pit and ramp all spanking new and shiny.
They couldn't find Triumph in their books had no data for the GT6 but they did manage to find a Spitfire under Rover > Triumph > Spitfire.
the car would barely fit on the new super whizzo ramp and the guy seemed a little reluctant to do the job.
However! A little banter later and they seemed to perk up a bit, I made a call to get the settings of +/- 1/2 deg toe in front and rear, "a hint of negative camber" and forget castor coz you can't adjust it.
Off we went on the super whizzo machinery - what an amazing piece of kit, I mean it showed that the alignment was all over the place and where to correct it etc but it was the way it did it that was impressive. Mind you, for about £30k for the machine it should be impressive.
After a few tickles with a spanner and a run down the road to test it I was happy and paid the money - under £30 inc VAT and cheeky banter. It was all over in about 25 mins and the car feels better for it, doesn't squeel round corners in car parks - well it does a little bu that's inevitable, it's no where near as bad as it was.
The guys there were pleasant, careful and thoughtful - the tyre prices don't look too bad and their selection seemed pretty large - I saw 175/70 x 13s there in abundance.


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