What?!? Adverts on the Blog!!!???

OK, not the money grabbing net barons insisting on me putting ads on my blog but me doing it voluntarily. It was just an experiment really but I thought I'd see if it generated any money. I'll put all the earnings into my Round Britain Reliability Run sponsorship for me and Andy Cook who are taking my Vitesse around the UK with 99 other idiots in Triumph. It's all for the charity Bliss, the premature baby charity. It's all the more poignant as Craig's son Callum was born premature but is doing very well now.
Anyway - I'll also sort out a Paypal donation button so if anyone wants to drop some cash into the virtual tin they can.

Now with DIY in the bathroom done to Mrs Chinn's quality standard I can now attack the Vitesse and have a proper look at the fuel system.


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