Monday, July 10, 2006

Rubbers, coils and the ultimate protection

Well he's what an original Lucas factory cooling coil looks like, I stopped off at Canley's for a beer on Friday and came away with a complete pump and a coil to practice with - I need to sort out how to mount the pump better - the cage is a tidy way of doing it but it's too tight - maybe make a new one out of alloy? Something to ponder.
I've also been looking at what's in the parts bin for fuel lines - I have some very tough nylon lined, stainless braided hose but I;m a bit stumped by what fittings to use. I really need to find somewhere that stocks these things and go down there with the hose, discuss and sort it on the spot.
As for rooting, I've decided that I need to uncover what's been done to the chassis riggers - have they really been plated over or is it epoxy, Fiberglas or what? It looks like steel but there's so much paint in it who really knows. A bit of investigation with the sand blaster and/or wire brush - hard line or armoured flexi I think the lines still need to go alongside the original fuel lines.
I also need a bigger bore T piece at the tank for the tank feed/return.
Finally, I'm considering re-plumbing in the red top fuel pump to act as a helper pump - I just need to figure out if it will flow enough when turned off - that way it can stand by and only be used when necessary.

Despite opening up this can of worms I'm enjoying the trouble shooting, if only I could get some real time on the car but in the run up to a holiday (August for 3 weeks) it's manic at work and I'll be away most of the time again. Posted by Picasa

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