Monday, July 03, 2006

To cap it all

I managed to find some centre caps - stupidly simple really. Although the wheels aren't branded Minilites they came for the TSSC and were made by KN Wheels Ltd who trade as Minilite. The wheels are all made on the same production line. I'd called them a month ago and they'd promised to send me some caps, they never arrived nor did I get a bill. Anyway on Friday I called them again, spoke to a different guy and got a set of 4 identical caps with badges all delivered today for £17.63.
Why I didn't think to ask for wheel nuts too I don't know as I now have no spares at the moment and seem to regularly knacker them on both cars! And yes I do actually use a torque wrench to do them up not just tighten them to the absolute max :-)

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