Do not go gentle into that good night.....

.... blip the throttle and flash your 120 watt mains and maybe even sound a chorus of Dixie on the air horns!

Or maybe just stop being so excited and get on with the grim reality of a couple of thousand miles of hard driving through ten countries.

Yes it's D Day, currently H hour -4.5 (ish) and I'm just about to have breakfast. I slept really well despite a sickly No 2 child threatening to hurl at any moment - all is well with the world this morning now though. No 1 child turned up an hour late last night and is suitably well behaved this morning to make amends, she goes back to school today, thank God.

Anyway, enough of my domestic bliss - stand by your cars, we're about to Cry Havoc! and let slip the clutch of Triumph :-)


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