Monday, September 03, 2007

A high, then a low, then a high again only to be repeated again!!

A quick blast up to see Dave this morning, the journey was lovely! Not much traffic at stupid o'clock and the car was flying. I was on a high :-)
Got to Dave's and had a brew, a gossip and then to work, pulled the old trunnions out and put the new ones in no hassle, it's an easy job if you don't have seized nuts - I say that to all the girls ;-)
A quick opinion from Dave on a rather strange feeling when turning the rear hub - feels like a wheel bearing giving way - damn! OK so strip it down and have a proper assessment. It's not the wheel bearing it's the diff - oh crud and I've left my spare diff on the shelf at home. Could it just be the quarter shaft? Maybe so I pull it out, nope it's not that. More head scatching and assessing of the diff, it's always been a bit noisey - grows a bit but it's never got any worse. It'll do - the shafts look good, the wheel bearings are fine and now the trunions are new it should be sorted. So whang it all back together, bleed the brakes and it's done.
"Dave, have you got wheel cylonder's in stock?" I ask - "Yes, why?" asks Dave "Cos I'm about to undo the bleed nipple and it feels like it's gonna...." "Parts please Dave!" Sod's law operated. Never mind, it's only money.
All back together and it's fine, drives nice and everything :-)
So I give Dave a hand, make a brew and generaly make like I'm useful. Time for a pint and some crisps and a chat about rare Spitfires and Works cars.
The drive home was great, the car flying again, then no overdrive - awww f%*k I can do without this! Raced home giving it silly beans all the way as I was annoyed. Pulled up in the garage and whacked the tunnel off - yup, earth wire had dropped off the solenoid! No room to fiddle about in there and it was so damn hot that I burnt my fingers - a job for tomorrow methinks - aded bonus is that I can top up the gearbox oil whilst I'm there - lucky me!!

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