The PI spares are packed

I am going to regret saying this but I'm sure I have now covered most possibilities with this little PI spares kit.

Yes you can see a a vac gauge and a fuel pressure gauge, a pump and motor all assembled together (with my NOS pump attached) a PRV and even a full metering unit. There's a couple of injectors and some pipes, unions etc. The only thing I don't have spares of is injector hoses so one of those is bouond to spring a leak!
I set out to only take what I could fit in the case and I think it'll do. I found a decent first aid kit in the rubbish being thrown out on my last project so that's now packed too. I also found some flourescent vests, OK the say "fire marshal" but they'll do :-)
I've rigged up a way of securing my spare wheel over the pump, filter and PRV in the spare wheel well, it's a bit amateur but it'll do, I was going to leave the spare and just take some tyre weld but as I seem to have kept the rest of the junk down to a small pile I decided to take a spare afterall. A jack, 2 gallons of fuel (must buy andother can to make that 3 gallons) and a single back of tools and odds and sods completes the "spares".


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