Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Follow our progress

Thanks to Craig Gingell and Canley Classics we have the invaluable message diary again this year. This excellent service allows crews to send text and photo messages from their mobile phones to a web page for all to see. Check it out at and track our progress. You can keep up to date with the trials and tribulations of taking a home built 39 year old car and a co-driver who's never driven anything "old" on a 2500+ mile journey through 10 Countries including high mountain passes, non-stop night driving and a race circuit. We must be bloody mentalists!

Oh and if anyone see's us on the Stelvio web cam, please save the picture for me :-) I've no real idea when we will be there but probably some time middday Saturday - I think.

As for the car, I fixed the overdrive and took it out last night to the TSSC meet, all went well. Carl Shakespeare was due to meet us there but called to say he had problems with the Sprint, totally gutted he was getting it recovered home. I'm praying to the mechanical Gods of Triumph that he can fix it or at least drag Beckie's Spitfire out and do the event. Fingers crossed Carl!

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