The ego has landed, with a bump

I've been giving some thought to what to do about my car's crap performance on the 10CR. I can't really live with that consumption and being limited to 5000 feet was just a real spoiler.

The metering unit is a KMI unit that was selected, supplied and fitted by Gareth Thomas. I paid him £300 but, in my opinion, it's never been right. On La Carerra Caledonia we had 12" flames out the back, the car ran like a pig and we were stranded at the side of the road.

Fair play to Gareth, it was a weekend and I sent him a text, he tried to help and was even talking about how he could get a new metering unit up to me as we initially though the unit was screwed.

It transpired that the spill pipe from the metering unit was blocked. I can't understand how that happened. It may even have already been blocked when Gareth fitted the new unit. Once cleared, the car ran and struggled to reach 20 mpg and was still rich.

Anyway, the experience on the 10CR was not that much better. The metering unit is over fuelling my car. I've discussed it with Gareth and he's come to the conclusion that the head/cam/metering unit must be mismatched - it's the same head/cam that was there when he fitted the metering unit. Apparently, his email diagnosis is that the head is flowing too little to make use of the fuel the MU is providing. It's the same head that was in place when he fitted the metering unit.

To be honest I'm fed up with it, the options suggested all involve spending more money on maybes and frankly I'm not prepared to do that. Maybe I just want stuff to do what it says on the tin. Trying to get some resolution hasn't been rewarding - I think that Gareth has much to learn about customer service but that's just my personal opinion.

We've got to the stage where, for more money, he will take away my head and prove to me it's the problem. I don't think I want to do that so it's game over.

I've since found that I can get the same metering unit for £180.

I've rebuilt a metering unit to put on the car, my own work - cheap and cheerful. I have all the technical PI publications (well most of them) and I'll have a play with the settings. It worked before and it'll work again - I might even get over 20 mpg! At some point I'll go find a rolling road to put the car on and spend the money there.

The KMI one can go on the shelf, I did consider just whacking it on eBay and cutting my losses but it's a nice piece of kit. If the head I have isn't flowing enough air to make the most of the metering unit then I will keep the unit until and if I change the head.

It's been 4 months and 4000 miles of disappointing results but I'd like to think I can draw a line under it and get on enjoying the car.

I'm in India at the moment, if I can figure out how to do it from this shared PC, I'll post a photo or two of the traffic and what you can encounter on the roads here. Mind boggling!!


Jason said…
Thanks for that Ken, I have used Malcolm in the past for bits and bobs and I know of a few others who have too.

I'm going to have a go myself first, merely because I'm not an expert, I have nothing to hide or prove. Not having an ego to massage and no arrogance to feed has it's advantages. I'm quite prepared to fall on my face and let people know how I did it!
Anonymous said…
I object to this post, its unfair Gareth cannot respond. I think it should be removed, I will be asking Club Triumph to remove your Blog from the front page.
Jason said…
Is that you Mr Powell? You should really put your name on things.
I'll publish responses from people, anyone reading this has a right of reply.
If there are any factual errors in what's written then I'll certainly rectify them.
The matter is closed between GT and I, if he wants me to publish all the details of the episode then he only needs to ask but that's between GT and I - we've resolved the issue between us and moved on, grown ups do that.
You really should stop spoiling Club Triumph with your incessant bad mouthing and destructive behaviour - the Club is better than that, it's bigger than any ego, please learn to play nice or go away and leave the club to get on with being a car club for it's members.
If the Officers of the Club would like me to change anything then the Officers of the Club can ask and I will consider it.

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