Oh crud!

Drove the car for the first time in ages today, my toe seems to cope with it so that's good. However, I heard a definite "clunk" as I backed it out of the garage and again as I drove off - investigations need. Jacked it up and thought immediately of UJs but they are good, then lay underneath and had a wiggle of things, damn! It's the Nearside rear trunnion (non-roto/swing spring set up) that seems to be worn - there's easy movement there.
I have a day available to do it Monday although I have some work to do but it's all on the phone. I feel a trip up to Canley's coming on, that way I can at least get the parts and sort it.
Everything else seems OK, fuel tank has leaked a little, more a weep than a leak - too late to do anything more about it now, I'm going to get that one sorted once and for all after this event and over the winter.
Right, now to finish my tea break and take the hard top off.


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