Gutted, elated and knackered!

Just a quick post to say I completed the RBRR on the weekend - but not in the Vitesse!
Driving to Co-driver Andy's house, some 15-20 miles away, that vibration at speed started to get worse and was at any speed. So bad was it that I really didn't think I was going to make it. When I pulled up at Andy's the car sounded like a meat grinder full of spanners - something at the front of the gearbox/back of the engine was seriously wrong - the noise was there at tickover, clutch in or out. Everything else worker but it was clear we were going nowhere in this car - GUTTED!
So what to do now? Go home and take the wife's Sixfire? Or take Andy's GT6 - neither cars had been prepared. "Mine just needs an oil change" said Andy - so that's what we did! We spend 20 mins preparing the car - changed oil and filter, topped up the fluids and went.
The car never missed a beat all through the event, we ran towards the front of the field, arriving at most controls early and getting some sleep before the control opened. I am seriously impressed with Andy's car!
As for mine, well my brother-in-law and I will collect in on a trailer tonight and I'll start tearing into it immediatley.
The possibilities are endless but I think it's either clutch cover disintegrating, flywheel coming loose or crank bearings seriously busted!


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