Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stick it!

Last few jobs to do today - when the rain stops I'll wash the car and stick the stickers on. I've put in my new fangled Iridium spark plugs - bought on a whim from As Bill Goodwin was coming over form the US I took the opportunity to get a set at less than half the UK price - I also sourced a couple of high flow fuel filters to try - I'll pack them as spares but I won't mess with the current set-up as it seems to be working fine now I've changed the tank plumbing.
In other Triumph news today - I got an email out of the blue from the guy who built my old Vitesse KRN555H about 4 owners before I acquired it as a "thrice abandoned project" - I've replied to him and we'll see where that goes. He's only a few miles from me and currently building an Aston!
Oh and I found out yesterday that I won't be being made redundant, not this week anyway, there'll be more reorganisations for that but I live to fight another day - exactly what I'll be doing and where remains to be seen but I still have a job. It's almost what I wanted - we'll see where they deploy me as I work very well when doing something I believe in and very badly (if at all) when deployed to something I see no value in! Probably one of the main reasons I made a lousy serviceman!
So, I'd better do some real work now :-)

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