Bill Goodwin flew over from the States yesterday, I picked him up at Heathrow and put him up for the night - we went out in the Vitesse to collect an eBay purchase, pick up my daugher and then on to my TSSC Area meeting.
A new sender arrived from Canley's (thanks Dave!) and we now have a working fuel gauage - result!
This was the furthest the car's been with my newly tweaked metering unit and it seems much better although the timing now appears to be a little off!! It idles better and faster - I've turned that down a bit. It seems to rev better throughout the range but that vibration is still there and I am now paranoid about that! It seems to be engine related but there aren't any other symptoms. I can't see anything amiss. I suppose I can look on the bright side, if it is internal (clutch/flywheel/gearbox/bearings) then there's naff all I can do about it now!
I'll get the timing light on the car later and see what it looks like, I've retarded it just driving around, 8 clicks of the adjuster from the 14 degrees advance it was running - no idea what that is in degrees now so will check later.
Need to
  • re-torque the wheel nuts
  • change the plugs for my new go faster Iridium plugs that Bill brought over from the States
  • pack tools
  • wash and wax the car
  • apply stickers
and thats about as far as I'm going to go with the car. Now for some personal preparation, I have a mystery injury that I need to get some pain relief for. I woke up on Saturday to this - I really have no idea how I did it, what it is or why my foot is now purple.
It doesn't hurt that much unless I move it from side to side. Trouble is, it's my clutch foot. I guess it'll be OK with enough pain killers. I'll pop down the local chemists for some snake oil or wonder drug later on today.
If you see me hobbling round at the start say hello, just don't kick my ankle please!


David Pearson said…
Looks like frostbite? Next time you come to visit us up North put some thicker socks on you soft southern thingymagig!
Jason said…
LOL - last time I was up at your place it was glorious sunshine and we were melting in the museum!

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