Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Snappy crank strip down

Couldn't get the engine hoist until later so stripped down the ancilliaries off the block in situ, it highlights how messy the engine had become, too much use and not enough cleaning :-) I was feeling pretty down whilst I was doing this - pulling off all the injection I'd spent so long putting on and getting right. Removed the metering unit - they are a bigger to time wen you refit them :-( removed the rad, alternator etc - I've left the oil cooler draining in a bowl, will pull that off fully tomorrow and clean it all up.
I've stashed the parts in the garage loft, out of the way and to give me some room to work. When it stops pissing down (tomorrow) I'll get the complete exhaust off and roll the car out onto the driver where I'll hoist the engine out and roll it all back in. I can then mount the engine on a stand and turn it over for a good look at the crank and assess how much of the bottom end is scrap.
I've got most of the parts to build a replacement, just need some machining - I hope the block, pistons and rods are OK but there's no gurantees - the crank is flailing around so it could have fubar'd the block or bearing caps.
Have had a chat with Dave at Canley's and will take the gearbox up there for a check over and freshen up whilst it's out of the car.
I pulled off the exhaust wrap, that stuff is nasty, falls apart and makes you itch!! The exhaust is flakey but not too bad so I think I'll sand blast it and get some VHT paint - black methinks :-)
I can spend some time cleaning, painting and tarting up the ancilliaries in the next few weeks. I can also clean the engine bay and do some tidying up there - cables and pipes etc. I would like to replace the clutch hydraulics or at least service them.

Whilst doing this I realsied I need another clear out in the garage - so watch ebay for some bits and bid, I need the money! First up will the carb set up - I'm not going back to carbs, I've seen the light. ANyone want a Malpassi fuel pressure regulator?

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