Old photos revisited

A while back I bought a "job lot" of old rally photos, Triumph 2.5 PI stuff mainly. One of them was this one, see my Blog entry back in June 2005 - http://chinn.blogspot.com/2005/06/this-one-has-caption-roy-fiddler-and.html Anyway, whilst trawling eBay I chanced upon this colour version of the photo on the cover of Autosport
eBay.co.uk: AUTOSPORT 25/11/1966 RAC RALLY '67 INT RACING CALENDER (item 260043098734 end time 26-Oct-06 09:19:19 BST) so I bought it - not sure why I paid four quid for it but then the red mist descends and "I want it!" fever sets in - you know how it is. I really must stop doing this :-) I also bought a few more magazines from this chap, they should be here soon and I'll post anything interesting here in due course. Oh and here's the colour picture for when this post gets old and the eBay link expires .

UPDATE 4/11/06
The magazine arrived and it does have some detail that really nails this one - unusual to have all your questions answered like this!
"Rough Country Motoring reminiscent of many of the special stages of this weeks RAC Rally: the Triumph 2000 of Roy Fidler slithers through a sharp left-hander in the recent TV autocross meeting. Fidler was out-accelerated at the start and his screen was covered with mud, so Good Samaritan Grahame White came to his aid with a neatly aimed bucket of water to increase his visibility a little." Photo Peter Burn


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