Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hmm - snapped the crank!

Well that was fun - having stripped out the gearbox and flywheel I couldn't see any issues with bolts etc - there was play though. I then reattached teh flywheel and started it up - wow, what a noise! Turned that off quickly!!
So, it appears that the crank is indeed broken, it feels like it's at the end - you can wiggle it around.

Some stuff I want to do whilst the car's off the road includes
  • fitting valve seats to the head
  • changing the push rods for 2.5 ones
  • changing the rocker pedestals for MkII ones
  • maybe renewing the rocker shaft
  • repairing the manifold and collector
  • re-wrapping the manifold properly - undecided on this, have heard that it's not a good idea on mild steel manifolds - this is a Gareth Thomas/Mike the Pipe example
  • change the exhaust for a single pipe system (anyone want a twin system? Make me an offer before I eBay it)

Engine choices?

  • Pull the engine, salvage what I can and replace the crank (I have spare, needs regrinding), replace bearings etc and put it all back together in the same block - that's assuming it's all reuseable which it may not be!
  • Build up my spare 2.5 engine and drop that in - this is just a standard 2.5, not decked. I could pull the cam from my present engine and reuse that though.
  • Build up with a 2 litre crank and head (I think I have a head!) for a revvy engine
  • Buy a second hand lump and throw it in
  • Buy a car with a nice engine and whip that out

First things first, I need to scavenge an engine crane off my brother in law and pull the engine out - I can then put it on the stand and turn it over to have a look at the crank proper - photos soon!

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Jim said...

It's gotta be a 2.0L screamer Jason!