Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The strip down commences

I got stuck in today and pulled the gearbox off - the flywheel was securely bolted to the crank - nothing wrong with the bolts. The clutch cover and plate are fine. The flywheel is fine. The crank is moving - is it possible it's snapped?
I had to come in and get cleaned up for kid ferrying duties so that was as far as I got - this is looking expensive.
Other thoughts are that a main bearing has let go in a major way, allowing the brank to move. One thing is for certain, this is gonna take some time and money to fix.

So, options? I have a spare 2.5 engine, stripped down. I could throw this together to get the car moving again. Meanwhile I could then strip and rebuild the lump that's in it. I could just pull what's in it and rebuild that. I also have a 2 litre block and crank - maybe make up a 2 litre PI?

There's the other jobs that will be done with this off the road opportunity - fit some unleaded seats to the head and renew the second gear synchro in the gear box. Both not really major jobs now :-)

Also, I could use the opportunity to sort out the exhaust system - I would like to go to a single pipe, large bore, single rear silencer. I can also fix the manifold/collector once and for all!

Lots to think about - I now need to go find the money!!

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vitessesteve said...

So you you going to rid of the wheel barrow exhausts. I got my single pipe system from Canley Classics years ago. It still makes a great sound think the baffling in the silencer must have blown out by now. Ask Dave Pearson if it stainless now or repackable.