T'was a good day

I've done all the dirty jobs, after yesterday's stupidity I even managed to have only one mishap! I was topping up the gearbox oil, always a pain to do without a ramp from below. As I was struggling under the car, wriggling to get into the best position I managed to put the back of my head in a drip tray! That wasn't so bad but as I felt the cold oil in the tray on the back of my head I pulled my head up and whacked my forehead on the exhaust clamp! I've just come out of the shower having washed my head in Swafega!
I really should cut a hole in the transmission tunnel so I can top up the box from inside the car - like the Sixfire. I also realised that this car's never had any insulation in the cardboard tunnel - I may sort that out but not now, post RBRR maybe.
I've replaced all the rear studs and all the wheel nuts with new. Not that they were obviously knackered but I did have an episode when I found a couple of loose wheel nuts and I thought better safe than stuffed in the armco with a wheel adrift. The RBRR is great for energising you to get all those jobs done you've been meaning to do.
So there's not a lot left to do - replace that sender unit when the new one arrives, wash and wax the car and whack some stickers on. Oh yes, and drive 2000 miles in 48 hours - gulp!


reeksy said…
Mate, your 'capers' recently have been really quite amusing ... I think you're going to have to put a "Garage-Cam" called "Calamity Chinn" up so we can catch these antics. It sounds a bit like an episode of 'Bottom'!

...Not that these things happen to anyone else, of course *cough*

I took my car to have a new section of exhaust fitted a month or so back. Put the car up on the ramp and started the engine to show the guy where the leak was and thinking "I've just started the engine it will be cold" reached out to touch where the leak was and burnt my hand quite nicely ... It seems that i'd forgotten that i'd just driven the car to the exhaust place!

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