Saturday, October 14, 2006

I've become a stripper

Of engines!

Here's the crank in all it's broken glory :-)

Next we have a shot of the rods - this is how they were balanced, bit of a mess really.

Another shot of those rods, interestingly the crank show no signs of being balanced at all - there are none of these brutal grinder marks on it and no sign it's ever been fettled apart from it seems to be on a -20 grind.

And here is the pile of bits slowly growing - you probably can't see here but the thrusts are the modern type with a very thin layer of copper coloured metal. This is showing it's wear rather badly in parts.

Next the pistons, I was surprised to find all but one top ring was broken, some fell off in three pieces - incorrectly gapped when fitted maybe? They were supplied when the engine was balanced (on the same invoice).

The cam looks fine, the followers look OK but one appears to be just showing some wear so I think a new set is needed.

I need to identify this cam as it's something of an unknown quantity. It has the number 4 MC 24333 on the shaft and on flat end it has stamped KC TH2. Any ideas?

Now to see what the spares situation is like!

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Jason said...

Thanks to Paul Bodiam I have identified the cam - it's a Kent Cams "Sports R" profile.
Got to and search for TH2 and you'll see the data there for the 2.5 6 pot.

Cheers Paul!