Apparently I have a history!

I can receive posts on the TSSC board but not make. I've just read this - now I am interested in my "previous history" and the implications of such a statement. I can recall one message board incident where a trader sent what I felt was a threatening letter to my home address when I dared to pass comment on his customer service when participating in a thread. So please DO discuss my previous history and in great detail, in fact spare nothing, I insist. I will do likewise.

Here's what I went onto the board, a board I still can't access

Julie Sewell -

Has added a post to the clubchat MessageBoard -

In reply to previous post:

I would like to make the following points:

Please be aware that the decision on advertising was I am sure a very careful one at board level, both for the club, Traders and members alike.

Personally, I can see why this decision has been made. It is only a very small minority of members who use the website to look up traders etc in comparison to the courier. If Traders decide to move their advertising purely to the web, where does it leave members who do not either have web access or decide not to use the web. I am sure that HQ and the directors will have pulled together a very competitive package of advertising for Traders in order to keep both courier and web advertisers happy.

As far as Jason is concerned, (and I won̢۪t discuss his previous history) he has been emailed and asked to phone the General Secretary regarding this matter, and I am confident this can be sorted out amicably, as it has been in the past.

The message board is not a forum to the inner workings of the club nor should it be used in a defamatory way towards the club. As in Trudys previous post, various club officials and directors may be contacted to discuss these matters.

Please remember that Directors and all Club Officials do this voluntarily and have an enthusiasm for the club. I am sure that the decisions made are purely for the benefit of the members and the ongoing success of the club.


reeksy said…
This is fantastic "he has been emailed and asked to phone the General Secretary regarding this matter"
... Oh my lord, what is this? What next:
"Mr Chinn you have been summoned to stand before the Grand TSSC Wizard".
It's farcical. They know how to dig their own hole!

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