Jason's Blog: Curious yet exciting

Jason's Blog: Curious yet exciting

I thought my post might throw up some comments and it did, seems 305 was crushed by dropping a metal skip on it at Abingdon or so a third party told another third party :-) Until I see proof I'm still dubious and I know the people who tell me it was crushed believe it and are trustworthy but I want fact, unequivocally fact. I know I whilst I don't get it the dream is alive :-)

Apparently there were quite a few spare panels made, not surprising as they had a team to support over a 15000 mile rally and you'd expect a few accidents and some damage to a rally car. I'm told the late John Mark acquired a set, they subsequently made it onto a road car.

Of course these panels could be a similar set, acquired off a car as spares and subsequently fitted to a competition car. Oh the intrigue!


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