Busy day and another MOT gained

I must be getting good at this, just took the Sixfire for an MOT, passed no problem. I think the tester likes the car, we always have a good chat about the engineering of it and what's different to standard etc. The testing station are really good, no nonsense and they have respect for the cars. If you're in Berkshire I recommend them - the Sun Garage, which is on the main A4 Bath Rd at Woolhampton Tel: 0118 971 3237 - tell them I sent you :-)
The cars going really well too, handling is much improved, I just need to find the new limits now!

Jobs that I can see having been crawling all over the thing are that there appears to be a coolant leak somewhere, very slight - I suspect the radiator which is annoying as it's only a year old, will have to have a word about warranty.

I saw Ben Hutchinson today, "Hutch" off the CT messageboard - he was after those 5.5J Spit wheels I had, good to see them go to be used.

I also took the hardtop off the Vitesse, just trying to figure out how to string it up in the garage roof again. I have also made some nut for mounting it - they are really difficult to get a spanner on and so I've made two little alloy plates for them. I've stuck them on with some epoxy and peened them over - they don't hve to take much load. Now they are effectively little handles so I won't need a spanner and they won't drop into the rear quarters with all the other nuts and washers that have dropped in there! All ready for the winter - I am surprised I thought to do it now!!

In between all this I've also been gardening to keep the wife happy! Tonight we go over to Basingstoke to see my mate Carl and his partner Becky for her birthday party - it's all go here!


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