Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blimey - I've been kicked off!

Yet more revelations from the TSSC messageboard, I've now had my access revoked and cannot get on! This is amazing, no communication direct from the Club, no reasons, no explanation. I've been a member for 20 years and this is how I get treated, I wish I knew what provoked such a response - I've said nothing defamatory, abusive or in any way contrary to the rules of the messageboard or the club. It really looks like it's time to leave the TSSC along with the many other long term members walking away. I thought the club was about the preservation of our cars - obviously I am mistaken but I would like an explanation.

Right, email written to the TSSC to ask for an explanation and now I'm off to get the hardtop off the Vitesse and go out to ..... the TSSC Area Meeting! Yup, I'm the Area organiser so I'd better ask my fellow TSSC members to post on the board for me :-)


Anonymous said...

Blimey, Jason! I suggest you take it on the Chinn (sorry!) and ignore that bunch of wasters!
PS Say "hi" to Reading for me. I live in Lancashire now, but I grew up in Mortimer and Reading - spent many drunken evenings in Sweeney Todd's, the Turk's Head, The Purple Turtle, and God knows where else!

vitessesteve said...


Sorry to hear it. What are they playing at. I intend asking why my message was taken down.

reeksy said...

It's all a bit strange and childish isn't it? How many birthdays will you not be invited to now?