Ticka ticka ticka ticka timing

I love the web, it's instant publishing. I love email, it's written communication in an instant. Of course sometimes you can overtake yourself and publish things before your email has been read or events can over take you - your email is out of date before it's read!

A written note is a snapshot in time - the situation as it stood at the time you pushed the button, out of date in an instant.

Amongst the flurry of emails was one from Jon Binnington, aka Binman of Supersix fame, a green homebuilt Gitfire. Now Jon's email was sat there waiting for me this morning and as I was eating my cornflakes I dashed off a reply - at that time I couldn't get onto the messageboard so I asked Jon if he could post for me when he had a minute.

About an hour or so later and before Jon posted, I got a call from David Aspinal, we chatted for over an hour, again a good natured discussion. I don't think we're ever going to agree on everything but we can hold a civil debate. He's running all over the place and hasn't been able to sit in front of a PC to pen a statement. Of course things are moving fast and totally independantly of anyone's schedule. I sensed that he was getting frustrated at this but fair play, the guy has a business to run and a full diary. I happen to be at home today so sat infront of a PC :-)

So, I've posted on the TSSC board and said that I'd like to give David the time and space to put up a statement, answer a few questions and generally have his say before I continue with the thread, if that's appropriate.

As I now have access to the board there's no need for anyone to copy and paste this onto the board for me anymore - thank to those who did when I was unable to. I'd now like to encourage the CoM and the officers of the club to particiapte in the board without fear of being "had a go at" so when David does post, consider your responses before posting.

Right, back to work :-)


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