Thursday, April 06, 2006

TSSC access - why I'm not quite ready to return

I thought my access was "sorted" today but it needs some manual intervention at HQ to restore everything and that will have to wait for the staff to come in tomorrow. I do hope my profile, photos and info remains intact.

I've had another chat with David tonight, he called to say that he will be putting up a statement on the message board and I will be restored. He did say he'd run it by me first, I'm working at home tomorrow so I should be able to give it some attention.

I've said that taking down posts without explanation and without addressing the issues raised doesn't answer anything and leads to the kind of anger and frustration that I experienced.

The questions that have been raised remain mainly unanswered so I hope David's statement addresses them - saying "this is not the place to raise it" doesn't really work and as I consider the TSSC board IS the place to raise issues I will continue to do so. If people aren't allowed to air their views there, then they'll do it in public forums - you can't solve a problem by denial. I do respect the views of the CoM but I would like the same respect for mine. If the CoM consider the post inappropriate then they can remove it and deal with the issue personally, I don't necessarily object to that but they must talk to the poster and sort it out, not stonewall people.

My Blog will always have the unadulterated truth in it and the comments people post are not vetted although I do have the option of deleting anything offensive.

I believe in the freedom of information and consultation with members - I don't believe being on the CoM gives you the right to make decisions with complete immunity from question. Members should never hesitate in questioning. I don't believe in a Utopian society where everyone is consulted on everything but as far as practically possible people should have the right to be heard. Decisions need to be made but justified and public to the members.

My discussions with David have been amicable and forthright and I am grateful to him for that. He probably won't thank me for pointing this out but if anyone has an issue they can write/email him with it and he has promised to respond. If you don't get a satisfactory response to your post, send it to him and ask. He is quick to point out that although he's the General Secretary he doesn't get paid.

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