What's happening now?

I've had a few emails asking what's happening with the TSSC message board thing and why haven't I responded to the statement.
Well here's what has happened - David Aspinall reinstated my message board access and I am now back on and active.
David, as General Secretary of the TSSC has issued a statement on the board, I'm not yet happy with it and so I drafted a response and slept on it.
I have now sent that email privately to David and the Club, I have asked for some things to be done and I will wait for a response. I won't say anything more so that David has a chance to consider the contents and my requests.
If TSSC members want to join in the debate, please do so on the TSSC board, if you're not a member then I think you can get a "guest pass" or post a comment here - comments here can be posted anonymously.
When there are developments I'll report them here or on the TSSC board as appropriate.


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