Thanks for the support

Thanks for the messages of support on this from members and ex-members of the TSSC. If you don't like the sound of what happened to me, post a message on the TSSC board and ask HQ what's going on. Of course I cannot do so now as I have been kicked off without explanation.

I came home from my TSSC Area Meeting, that I run for the club that's just kicked me off, to see Craig Gingell online. Now as Craig built the site I wondered if he'd been instructed to pull the discussion threads off the board. He's been at the hospital all day with his wife and premature born son, Callum (who's doing really well). He was unaware of what had happened and couldn't tell me any details - he's in a tricky position and I don't want to compromise him by pressing for info. Suffice to say he told me no more than I already know and I didn't ask.

So, who is making decisions and what are they trying to supress?


Anonymous said…
Jason, shoot me an email sometime. Tim
vitessesteve said…
Just seen this

Missing Post
Posted By : Trudi Prettyjohns, 05-Apr-2006, 1:21pm

The reason for the removal of the thread titled "Web and printed advertising" was due to inaccurate statements and in part, a breach of confidentiality. Some valid questions were asked but unfortunately they became caught up in the deletion. Questions and issues of this nature should be directed to Council Officials so that factual answers can be given and not aired on the messageboarad. The messageboard is not the medium to use when seeking information of this nature. Contact details: David Aspinall, General Secretary 01986 895633 (between 7pm - 9pm), TSSC HQ 01858 434424, Julie Sewell, Public Relations Officer 01986 894805 (between 9am - 9pm)

[ post a followup ]
Anonymous said…
Oh its all just plain bollocks Jason!

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