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I'm a bit of a hoarder, I just can't throw stuff away and then I just can't resist a bargain. Also, I have these flashes of inspiration. So, I noticed that Vitesse bumpers were getting hard to find in good condition, I know they'll never be made again, it's just too expensive to make the extrusion and too complicated to make the tooling to form and shape the corner pieces, come to think of it none of the pieces are straight.
Anyway, I started acquiring bits and pieces of alloy bumpers when they were the right price, I thought I'd get a set together, get them polished up and re-annodised and ready to fit on my project Vitesse when the time was right. Fast forward a few years and I have loads of them, stashed all over the place. So I gather them up and get them polished and annodised. The results were mixed, some are good, some not so - all are shiny but of course you can't polish out deep gouges or extra holes! I have loads of the things now and having sorted out a set for myself I find I have some spares :-)
eBay time I think - I actually invested money in these and now I'm skint I need to get some back! So onto eBay they go and we'll see what I can make - I'll be real glad if I can get back over £20 a piece for the corners although I'm hoping for more as I've seen the price of a new black interior for the Vitesse :-) Posted by Picasa


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