Saturday, June 24, 2006

Catching up with mates

Well work really does get in the way of my social life these days! It was 5:30 before I arrived at Canley's on Friday, hardly enough time for a poke around the workshop to see what's new - I did notice 2 pieces of a 3 piece World Cup spec 2.5PI sump guard set - it's a real thing of beauty but so heavy!! It seems to be made out of Dreadnought armour plating.
Also in Dave's workshop was a new development for us small chassis Triumphs owners - really neat and something that removed an Achilles heal of Triumph engineering with a modern alternative. I won't say anymore, not even if you pester me as it's not perfected nor has it yet been fitted. Having listened to Dave's tales of a busy business I wouldn't like to add to his list of stuff to do!
We retired to the Weavers and sat in the glorious sunshine for beer and pork scratchings - we know how to live :-)
Final preparations were made for Monday/Tuesday when I'm going to hang up my office clothes and get my hands dirty in the workshop - I think I have found most of the bits and pieces, a plenum chamber support bracket is hiding somewhere and I think I have an air filer housing but I'm damned if I can find it! Maybe I don't have one, I really can't remember anymore. Well neither is a show stopper.
Roll on Monday morning for that early morning 100 mile blat up the M40 and cross country, waking up the sleep people en route and scaring small children :-)

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