Want a job?

Seems like there's another re-shuffle at the Triumph Sports Six Club - I heard that role of Public Relations Office may be vacant. I wonder what's going on in the TSSC these days?


vitessesteve said…
Interesting times in deed. Just been on the phone to Bill Sunderland at TSSC HQ who reassured me that things are changing. He said that the members will start to see significant changes as soon as next month.
Jason said…
Yup, he told me that too, "it'll all change next month" that was in April. I just want to see some openness, honesty and integrity please.
vitessesteve said…
I have decided to take his word for it at present.

I am concerned to hear that I got what appears to be a well rehearsed meessage.

I have been in touch NiG who is trying to make a difference. Apparently we can look forward to moderators on the TSSC messageboard amongst other things.

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