Monday, June 05, 2006

Motolita & boss


This is in pretty good condition considering it's been in the garage for 20 years plus Posted by Picasa

I do think the 14" wheel is a nice size, I used to have a smaller one on my first Vitesse, crazy small but then that was the fashion, no wonder I kept hitting things in it!


reeksy said...

They're really not worth much these days, Jason.

Look, i'll give you a tenner and save you the hassle if you like ;-)

It's spooky, I was just saying last night how I wish I'd removed the motolita I put on the Bus before I sold it. Got that wheel for just 35 quid!

Jason said...

I wonder what the postage to Oz would be mate? Or perhaps you'll come and collect it??!!

reeksy said...

Postage costs aren't so bad ... but i'd need a different wheel boss I expect (35 quid from memory), and to be honest there's other things the car needs more than a tasty steering wheel right now.

I reckon you could get at least 50 quid on ebay.

Jason said...

Sold - £38.00 not bad I suppose, will have to pack it up and send it to it's new home when I get back to my home :-)