Well I'm sat at a Canley Classics PC checking my email and blogging!
Fitting Lucas PI to the Vitesse has gone well but not well enough. I was up here at the crack of dawn on Monday and had a great trip up, 100 miles at full chat. I confirmed the presence of a prop vibration between 75 - 80 mph. OK I confirmed the presence of a vibration that Dave diagnosied for me :-) Whilst up here I stripped off the prop and found the sliding joint on it's way out and some play in the UJs so we took it down to Dave Mac propshafts for him to work his magic.
Meanwhile we sorted out the PI - I've taken a few photos and when I'm back home I'll upload them with a full report. Suffice to say we found some interesting stuff. Apparent valve seat reccession, I've reset all clearances and recorded them all so I can go back and check on it. I feel an unleaded head coming on.
We selected the best of the PI kit, although I have some early single balance pipe stuff we went with the later twin balance pipe throttle bodies because they have better spindles - ideal solution would be to use early throttle bodies with late spindles but that would need machining to fit and frankly the effort is hardly worth it.
Using Dave's factory set-up jig I aligned the throttle bodies. We rebuilt a metering unit (two blue springs in the control unit) from a Mk1 PI early MkII (132 HP). I had 3 to choose from. I selected a set of injector lines and Dave rebuilt a set of injectors, we had several to choose from.
To cut a long story short we came unstuck last night when running fuel lines we found that the original restorer of the car had boxed in all the chassis legs and filled the pipe holes in - there was no where to run the fuel lines! Anyway, what should have been a 5 min job turned into hours. We did manage to fire it up last night, it started on the button but there's a faulty banjo union in the metering unit - if you know PI it's 2 & 5 - the ones that are a pain in the arse to change because you have to take the metering unit out!
So it was with weary limbs that at 9pm we called it a day and went back to Dave's for beer and chips and to make plans for today.
We'll have at it now and get the union changed, fire it up and get it running sweetly. I can spend another day as long as I am in Norwich for tonight - much driving for me!
More later.......


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