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Not sure what's happened to the Blog feed into Club Triumph as it's misbehaving - the Blo updates appear but you can't read tehm from within the CT site. I've been through my settings and all looks fine. I'll have to sort it out with Keith when I'm back home.

I'm stuck in Norwich all week then off up to Manchester Friday, hope to drop in at Canley's on the way home for a beer with Dave and one last chat about Lucas PI before next week.

The plan is that I'll take the car up at the crack of dawn to get to Dave before the traffic builds up - might be a 5 am start for me. Anyway, once up there I'll srtip ff the SUs and start assembling the PI kit onto the car - I've allowed a couple of days to get it on and sorted. I need to gather up the rest of my PI kit in the garage on the weekend, over the years I've accumulated loads of stuff but it never really got put in one place!
anyway, I will take my camera and take plenty of photos, watch the blog for a progress and watch the roads for the monster.

I am looking forward to this, work's been manic and I could do with a bit of spannering to cleanse my mind of my current work project, which is still automotive based but with an unhealthy does of IT!


Jason said…
Well I popped the hood on the Blog, twiddled with a few settings and fired it up again. Waddaya know, it worked, we're back on the CT site. I have also put an "aton" link on the sidebar, this apparently allows syndication of the blog - apparently that's a good thing :-)

Blogtastic! Right, now back to the day job and crafting a presentation of 6 months work to be covered in 3 slides and 10 minutes.

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