A step in the right direction

If you've been folloing the events in the TSSC recently you'll know that the Council of Management (CoM) of the TSSC have announcemed the appointment of 4 new CoM members -
Garth Jupp, 2.5PI pilot, formerly of the Isle of Wight and now working for Rimmers.
Nigel "NiG" Gibbins - TSSC Racer and championship organiser
Mike "Cop Shop" Crewes - Stag pilot also Triumph trialer or is that trialist? (not in the Stag!)
and Vivien Thompson.

Mike has also taken on the General Secretary role.

I've spoken to both Bill Sunderland and Simon Roberts (CoM member and "chair") at length on the phone over this weekend. Simon tells me that the CoM are "100% behind Bill" and have spent a great deal of time discussing the various rumours, speculation and questions that have been raised. Simon told me that the CoM are clear on the way forward and are pleased that everyone is committed.

Now I've been vocal about openness, transparency and explaining things to the members. I don't like rumours, I like facts and evidence. I have told people how to look for evidence and seen what is around in the public domain. I've heard the rumours. I've made CoM members aware of those concerns and that they should be addressed.
I am happy that the new CoM will address the concerns of the membership in the appropriate forum.

I still think the messageboard should be seen as a valid forum to gauge interest and gather views. The idea of moderators who can guide the members and channel their discussions to a construcive point has been raised , I hope that comes to fruition. I'd hate there to be censorship but some guidance could be useful.

We're not out of the woods yet, there are still issues to be addressed but I think the CoM have them on the agenda. There is, in my view, a need to use the power of the internet and the message board to answer questions. It's not something to be frightened of.

With the internet enabling every idiot like me with a PC capable of making their views known to a wide audience, you can't ignore or belittle it.

So, I'm happy with developments over the weekend. I'm supportive of new blood, I know most of them, Mike occassionally attends my Area meeetings. I think as a Police Officer, long time TSSC Member, former SEM Show organiser and all round decent bloke he has the right credentials for the job. If there's crap in there, I'm sure Mike won't just shuffle it under the carpet. More importantly, I hope that if there's nothing to hide, nothing is hidden! Furthermore, the workings of the Club are made available for members to see.

So that's the news for the weekend, thank you CoM for getting together, thank you Bill for talking to me and for your support, thank you Simon for your patience.


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