Finally home

Just walked in the door after a 100 mile blast - it's not all sorted but wow! This really has unleashed the potential of the motor - she pulls seriously all the way up to 100mph and past. Throttle response os excellent and petrol consumption is on an unscientific basis no worse than carbs (which would have been hard).
There's no filters, the throttle linkage needs serious lubrication as it sticks a little. There are some pipes and cable to sort out (anyone got a side entry 6 cylinder distributors cap? Standard Vanguard I think) and there's a bit of an issue over the banjo bolt/valves on the metering unit causing some fuelling issues but it's all solveable!

BIG BIG BIG thanks to Dave for the expertise, help, parts, hospitality etc. Thanks also to Claire for being so understanding when I keep him out and feed him curry and larger :-)

Back to the real world with a bump, gotta go to Norwich now in the Eurobox and pick up the pieces of work I should have done yesterday!

Photos and proper write up on the weekend I think.


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