Autosparks - what nice chaps!!

I usually get my wiring odds and sods from Autosparks ever since I met the boss man at a show a few years ago. So impressive what his knowledge that he was able to produce exactly the correct connectors, wiring gauge and colour for a rear light rewire on a Herald that it's stuck in my mind ever since.
Anyway, I ordered up some stuff to do the headlight relay conversion, including some inline fuse holders - one to use and one for "stock". I came to do the job yesterday and found that the fuse holders were incomplete - basically I had 4 male ends, 4 springs but no female tops and no connectors. A picking cock up, never mind. But even if the holders had been complete they would have been too tight on the chunky 35 amp cable I wanted to fit one into - a rethink was needed.
So I called them up, they were suitably apologetic and saif they'd get the replacement parts out to me asap so I could make up 4 complete holders (I only ordered 2 so there's a bonus in there for me).
I took the opportunity to have a chat about the job as I was a little uncertain on the gauge of earth wire needed. The guy was interested and took the time to chat it through, working out the amps per side, wiring required and even solved the problem of the fuses - put one in each side of the feeds to the headlights for now.
I may, if I get my confidence up, put another fuse box in the front and do what others have done, have a fuse for each light. I'm kind of tempted by some new fangled circuit breakers but they are expenive at £12+ each, especially when you want like 6 of them. There are some really nice panel mounted ones that would do the job but they are £15 each - you can blow a lot of fuses for £100 worth of circuit breakers!

Keep it period, it's cheaper :-)


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