Well that was a mixed day

Headlamps completed - relays fitted, second fuse box added, wiring tidied up and loom taped up, 100watt mains in (OK so they are the wrong bulbs but we'll gloss over that - eBay has turned up a pair of the correct P45t fittings - 100 watt mains for £6.50 delivered - they popped up and I sanpped them on a buy-it now). It's all nice and neat under the bonnet now.

Fired her up and noticed that the fuel gauge was registering zero, not right. Temp gauge worked fine but fuel gauge didn't! Fiddled about under the dash and found a rather dodgy earth connector (just the wires twisted round the mounting) made up a new eye connector and reinstalled it all. Works fine.

I'd always wanted to fix the wipers on this car since I've had it - they work but don't sweep the whole screen. I'd been told that the gear in the woper motor was probably wrong, it should be stamped 160 and was probably stamped 130 - sure enough it was. I swapped the whole motor out for a spare that I checked had 160 on it, no damn difference :-(

Took the car out to fill with petrol, runs like a dog over 3500 rpm - grrrrrr. I think the timing is all out after the electronic ignition and Magnecor leads fitting - I haven't really used it in anger since.

Right tomorrow is full of family stuff, I may not get a chance to look at it, might have to wait until Monday.

I also need to get the exhaust sorted so it's up to Canley's on Tuesday for a quick bit of ramp action and then the RBRR driver's briefing. I was toying with going to go to the Plough briefing too but work committments have scuppered that - I would like to give the car a bit more of a work out but it looks like that's off.

Still I'm glad those jobs are done - just need to get the most important one sorted now, get the damn thing running nice!


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