Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thank you Google, I've seen the light and it's Japanese!

OK maybe not Japanese but certainly Johnny Foreigner is to blame :-)

Half an hour Googling has revealed the sitiation.
The Cibie lenses accept the Halogen H4 P45t bulbs as opposed to the more usual Halogen H4 P43t (three prongs).

Apparently these lenses were meant for a Kawasaki motorbike! Although I found most of the helpful stuff on a GT40 discussion board.

Anyway, I've found that I can either buy some new bulbs of the correct type OR buy some adapters OR change the lenses OR just bodge the buggers in anyway!

I think I'll buy the right bulbs :-) Now to find me a motorcycle shop that stocks some 100w mains. Ooooo - you can get 160w mains, now that's just silly.

The other bulbs can go in the Sixfire, I think that's already relayed up for high power headlights!

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