It's fun fun fun all the way!

The day wasn't over so I decided to have a crack at the car - poor running first, checked tappets and equalised them all, only one was way out - No 5 (exhaust) had opened up, I couldn't see any reason but there was the cause of my noisey top end.

I had a look at the plugs, 5 & 6 dark the others OK, well lighter.

Wiggles a few leads - No 6 was loose - very loose! Could that be it? Put it all back together and yes! There you go, check the bleeding obvious first.

Now the pump - a little head scratching and a look on the bench to see what was in the parts bin. The car now sports a Facet low pressure, high flow pump plumbed upstream of the Lucas pump (the temp one at the moment without the cooling coil connected). This should help the Lucas pump draw fuel all the time - we''ll see.

Also I took the opportunity to play with my newly replaced multimeter (thanks Draper!)- pump one (the one that's properly mounted and has the connected cooling coil) draws 5.25 amps, the spare draws 4.24 amps. Also, the meter has a temp probe that I stuck in the spare - 36 degrees under the cooling coil - whatever that means!

So the boot now looks like a distillery!! The next long trip I do I'll take my testing kit and start to see if I can figure out what's going on here - first it's down to Pirtek tomorrow to get some unions to plumb in a pressure gauge I think!

Anyway, it's late, I smell of petrol - time for a shower and some rest!


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