Well what have I learned today?

When something is smoking, it is not a good idea to touch it because you WILL burn your finger!

I didn't get the time I needed at the car tonight, I fiddled with the timing and it seemed to be running better so I jumped in and sped off down the road. Suddenly, no lights!


That's when I realised what the problem was, well after I blistered my finger! That spare fuse box I installed had been in mt spares stock for a few years, it was well tarnished. I "cleaned" it up a bit when I fitted it but not much, in fact not enough! the fuse was barely making contact and the contact it was making was crap. I removed it, after it had cooled down a bit! I then gave it the once over in the sand blaster cured the corrosion. I refitted it all, put the lights on and then, this is the good bit, I used the temperature probe on my multimeter to see if it was still too hot! It was hot but it never got too hot!

The main issue was that I lost a bit of confidence in my wiring! The car's all together now and ready for a run up to the RBRR driver's briefing at Canley's tomorrow. It will be both a test and shake down - finger's crossed that the whole thing behaves :-)

The only thing I really need to do now is sort that exhaust out - the mild steel manifold has a rather battered collector an the fit isn't great - I've adjusted it a few times but I really need to get it up on a ramp and sort it properly. I'd rather not have to replace the exhaust now but if I need to I will - I like a single pipe.


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