Following up on leads

The new leads arrived as promised from the TSSC, I am impressed. Of course I have since been shown them a few quid cheaper at just watch the VAT and postage charges!
So I went into the garage today with a few jobs in mind - first off I would fit my new leads. Removing the old leads, that didn't look at all bad, revealed a bit of a horror - the king lead literally fell apart in my hand - the terminal stayed in the distributor cap and the rest of the lead came off - it wasn't jammed in as I removed what was left with my fingers. No 6 was similar, the crimped end wasn't - if you see what I mean!
So, on with the new! These are nice leads, real thought has gone into their manufacture - each lead is numbered, the plug caps are angled appropriate to their position (some are straight) the dizzy cap connectors are right angled so clearance isn't a problem now and finally you get some little clips to tidy them up.

Here's the installation, I haven't clipped them up yet as I'm going to now fit the electronic ignition I bought from the States and then do the timing so things might move about a bit.

So, the verdict is - expensive but a real quality product. Do they increase performance? Could I have spent my money better elsewhere? Pah - I don't much care, they are an improvement over the old ones which would have let me down sooner rather than later. They are probably overkill and they do look a bit Max Power but I'm happy :-) Posted by Picasa


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