Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well I never!

I was looking for solutions to my plug lead clearance issues - with the mechanical drive take-off for tacho and metering unit the dizzy sits proud, it puts the straight entry plug leads in contact with the bonnet top. I suspect some of my misfire issues have been caused by this. I have found a loose plug lead twice now and despite careful attention to making the connection at the dizzy cap it was loose again after my last run out. I'd been recommended to try Magnecor leads so off I went to find some. Doing my usual price comparisons I couldn't find anyone supplying really cheaply then I remembered a conversation with fellow TSSC member Tim Bancroft - he said he'd bought his from the TSSC, I had dismissed this as silly, because the TSSC shop is always expensive, isn't it? Well, I found something quite surprising - the Triumph Sports Six Club shop was in fact the cheapest for these leads and had the lowest P&P charges too, not way cheaper but nevertheless the best price! So I called Nigel in the shop and had a chat - as ever he was very helpful and confirmed that the leads have a right angle cap, were in stock and would be with me tomorrow. So I paid my money and gave my business to the TSSC.
Triumph Sports Six Club - Competition Lead Sets (8.5mm)

Cue an avalanche of people saying "I got my leads from Bla Bla and they only cost 50p" -go for it!

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