Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today's learning

An oil change is an easy thing to do, provided you have the right tools.
  • Draining your oil into a square flat pan is a good idea
  • But not if it has a crack in it and lest the oil out almost as fast as it goes in
  • Pouring the oil out of the pan into an old oil can is a good idea
  • But not if your funnel gets blocked and the oil spills out over the top
  • Hammering a screw driver into the spin on oil filter is one way of getting purchase on it to get it off
  • Hammering two holes causes oil to squirt out of one hole into your eye
  • Staggering about the garage with oil in your eye looking for a rag to wipe your face on is OK
  • Unless you to kick over an old oil container full of waste oil that you forgot to put the top on

As you can tell, today I have been learning that I should not play with oil first thing in the morning.

It's all cleared up now, ready for some trunnion oiling - another messy job! Trouble is today I have some family stuff to do that entails me getting dressed in tidy clothes - same tomorrow! Snatching a couple of hours at the car here and there will have to do.

I also replaced those H4 P43t pattern bulbs with my nice new eBay specials - the correct bulbs for my bowls - H4 P45t 100 watt mains, 80 watt dips.

I have ditched my locking wheel nuts for standard ones, no use making it complicated if I have to change a wheel in the dark. I have a new set of nuts so I can change them all and consign the old ones to spares. I also have a new set of studs for the rear, I will try and change them too - the car puts a lot of power through those 8 studs.

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